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The Capitol Urogynecology staff is comprised of proactive, experienced, professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients. The team at Capitol Urogynecology believe that good healthcare starts with listening and creating a partnership with our patients, in order to build a relationship based on value, trust, and patient satisfaction. Welcome to patient care like no other.


Located in Chevy Chase, MD, Capitol Urogynecology is a state-of-the-art diagnostic, medical, and surgical practice providing female urology, urogynecology, treatments to men and women in Bethesda, Rockville, Potomac and the Washington DC Metropolitan areas. Dr. DuPont’s extensive training and experience, coupled with her bedside manner and sense of humor, ensure that her patients have a comfortable and educational experience.

Dr. DuPont graduated from the Georgetown University School of Medicine. After completing her residency in urology at the University of Wisconsin, she served honorably in the US Army and in the Desert Storm war as a surgeon in the 5th MASH.

She completed two postgraduate surgical fellowships, one at the University of Virginia in neuro-urology and the other at the University of California, Los Angeles, in female urology and pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Dr. DuPont was the first physician in the DC area to acquire the MonaLisa® Touch Laser for vaginal rejuvenation. She’s helped numerous women overcome the challenging issues of interstitial cystitis, dyspareunia, and vulvodynia and is a surgical innovator in the field of pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Her memberships include:

·         American Laser Medicine Society

·         American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

·         Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

·         American Urological Association

·         American Urogynecologic Society

·         International Continence Society

·         Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine, & Urogenital Reconstruction

Dr. DuPont is the recipient of "Top Doctor" awards from Castle and Connolly Medical and Consumer Research Council of America and has been recognized in local publications such as Washingtonian Magazine. 

 Through active listening she develops a partnership with her patients based on value, trust, and satisfaction. 


During Dr. DuPont’s 30+ years in practice, it has become evident to her that patients are concerned with their appearance as well. Everyone wants to look their best and feel attractive, regardless of age or gender. She also understands that discussing dissatisfaction with one’s outward appearance can be scary for patients. Dr. DuPont offers compassion, hope, and encouragement while providing natural appearing treatment options to restore confidence and self-esteem. Treatments include minimally invasive therapies for body contouring, hair removal, and skin tightening as well as treatment for spider veins, sun damage, wrinkles, and cellulite. To learn more about these treatments visit the DuPont Aesthetic Institute.


We value the trust our patients have placed in us as well as our excellent reputation.  Dr. Mary DuPont and the staff at Capitol Urogynecology are dedicated to improving their patients' quality of life by offering innovative, life-changing services in a safe and professional environment.

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