MonaLisa Touch: A Hormone-Free Solution to Painful Sex After Menopause

 Maybe you’ve heard the song, “Love Hurts” by Joan Jett? We can all relate to those lyrics at some point in our lives. But after menopause, often sex hurts.

 Declining estrogen production causes the vaginal lining to become dry and thin. Vaginal dryness, also called vaginal atrophy, is common as we age, affecting about 58% of postmenopausal women.

 Vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal lining can make sex not only painful, but it can also lead to a tear in the vaginal lining, further damaging the vagina. Painful sex and changes to the vagina make it difficult to be intimate with your partner, which can lead to low self-esteem and relationship problems.


Vaginal Dryness Treatment Options

 Many women are reluctant or embarrassed to discuss their sexual issues. But the good news is that vaginal dryness and painful sex are easy to treat.

 If you’re experiencing painful sex after menopause, you should speak to urogynecologist Mary C. DuPont at the DuPont Institute in Chevy Chase, Maryland, to learn how the MonaLisa Touch can help you resume a healthy, enjoyable sex life.

 Hormone therapy and topical lubricants are often the first lines of treatment for vaginal dryness. But not all women can or want to take hormone therapy. For example, if you’re at risk or have had breast or ovarian cancer in the past, hormone therapy may not be recommended for you.

 While topical lubricants are effective to a degree, they must be applied every time you have sexual intercourse.

 The MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is an effective alternative for women who don’t want to take hormones and would like to have more spontaneous sex — without pain.


What is the MonaLisa Touch?

 The MonaLisa Touch is a noninvasive, hormone-free vaginal laser approved by the FDA in 2014 to help treat vaginal atrophy and other postmenopausal conditions.

 Several studies have shown it be effective at improving overall vaginal health. The results of one study showed significant improvement for reducing vaginal dryness, and another showed significant improvement of sexual function and satisfaction in postmenopausal women with vaginal atrophy.


How Does the MonaLisa Touch Laser Work?

 First, Dr. DuPont performs an examination to rule out other conditions that may be causing painful sex and confirms that you’re a good candidate for the procedure. The procedure takes about five minutes and most describe a vibratory sensation.

 This wand emits CO2 fractional laser energy to stimulate collagen production and improve blood flow. Collagen helps the vaginal walls become more elastic and youthful, and improves vaginal hydration and lubrication.  Three sessions, six weeks apart, are recommended for women to experience the maximum benefit, many report an improvement after just one. After the first year, annual treatment is recommended to maintain the benefits.

 If you’re looking for a treatment for painful sex that’s hormone-free, has minimal side effects, and takes only minutes to perform, MonaLisa Touch is the perfect solution.

Don’t let the lingering effects of menopause disrupt your sex life. Call the DuPont Institute for an appointment to learn how the MonaLisa Touch laser procedure can help you enjoy sex again.